Antitrust in Italy investigates Samsung and Apple on suspicion of slowing mobile phones to force users to buy new ones


Starting from the scandal of iPhone phones, which Apple has been accused of deliberately reducing the performance of iPhone phones, expanding investigations has also revealed problems with Samsung rival, the company being suspected to have delivered software updates that unduly diminish performance.

According to the information provided by the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza del Mercato (AGCM), both companies have implemented a commercial strategy that uses the pretense of wear of certain components to justify the deliberate reduction of device performance in order to boost the sale of their new versions .

While claiming that measures are in the consumers' interest, Apple has launched a program to replace on demand "aging" batteries from iPhone-owned iPhone users, and even announced it will include a setting to turn off "software optimizations" that reduce device performance

Taking advantage of the situation to strengthen their brand image, HTC, Motorola and other smartphone manufacturers have fought in statements that deny the use of firmware updates to slow down performance on their own devices. Samsung, the best-placed rival for Apple's counter-advertisement, has had no reaction to online revelations. No wonder, similar accusations being brought just a few months ago to Samsung products as well, only that the subject was not advertised as intense.

If confirmed by ongoing investigations, practices that violate several articles in the Italian "Consumer Code" could attract millions of euros.

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