Apple Ranked Top 100 Global Technology Leaders

Apple Among Top 100 Global Technology Leaders. The iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino is one of the world's leading technology companies. In fact, he is not number 1 in this list. He had to give in the sound evaluation of the companies Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, IBM and alphabet defeated

Top 100 Global Technology Leaders

This year, Thomson Reuters first published an evaluation entitled "Top 100 Global Technology Leaders." It evaluates technology companies using an algorithm and 28 metrics were only those companies that achieve annual sales of $ 1 billion or more.

Microsoft is Numm he 1

The software company from Redmond leads the list of Thomson Reuters. Even Alphabet ranks ahead of Apple. Thomson Reuters tries to make the classification more objective by analyzing 28 key figures than in other top lists.

Categories of Distinction

The aim was to identify which companies are well prepared for the future. The 28 key figures come from eight categories. These are finances, management and investor satisfaction, risk and resilience, legal compliance, innovation, people and social responsibility, environmental impact and reputation.

Companies are under pressure

People wanted to be above all with this top list take into account current developments. After all, technology companies are under great pressure today. Not only is competition exercised, but society, politics and corporate action are also influenced by many factors. According to Alex Paladino of Thomson Reuters, this evaluation is intended primarily to pinpoint which companies are well positioned in the 21st century.

Amazon, Facebook and Samsung are not in Top 10

Amazon, but also Facebook and Samsung are not in the top 10. This also applies to Mastercard, Qualcomm and Pegatron. However, the remaining 90 companies are no longer hierarchical. However, they were selected based on the same 28 criteria for the Top 100.

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