Apple’s App Store Shines on Mac in New Design

Overnight, Apple has released a new design for the App Store. With that, the web view has now also undergone a major overhaul and is now accompanied by the new look of the App Store on iOS. While an edgy, old-fashioned surface has been used to date, the modern design immediately stands out. However, the revision has lost an important feature.

Together with the release of iOS 11, Apple reworked the App Store On the iPhone and iPad, the focus was set on discovery and therefore integrated a new design in addition to the Today view.This was followed by the revision of the App Store’s web view, which is accessible via the web browser on the Mac (or other devices) can be called.

Here too, emphasis was placed on a fresh design and lent itself different items from the App Store app. Under the enlarged heading you will find quick and clear screenshots of the app as well as a detailed description, update information and reviews. Below that, additional information about size, compatibility, language, category and similar data can be found.

While there is still no way to search the App Store on the website or to enlarge screenshots, another feature is missing after the update. After Apple has already removed apps from the media management software with iTunes 12.7, it is no longer possible to initiate a download via the web view. Previously, after clicking on the download button you were redirected to iTunes and could download the app. After that, the app appeared almost simultaneously on the iOS devices – “automatic downloads” provided.

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