Bug in Facebook Messenger annoys iPhone owners

If you want to send a message on iOS and Android via the messenger function of Facebook, you have to fall back on the separate Facebook Messenger app. Currently, many iPhone owners seem to be affected by an annoying bug. The news service crashes when typing messages over and over again. There still seems to be no solution.

The Number of different messengers has risen dramatically in recent years and also Facebook mixes with the daughter WhatsApp and their own Facebook Messenger with the decision to dissolve the messenger function of Facebook on iOS from the actual Facebook app and instead to a setting their own application was not met with enthusiasm by all users Now the Facebook Messenger plagues an annoying bug.

As Techcrunch reports, more and more people are talking about Twitter and Reddit, where Facebook Messenger crashes after entering just a few characters. Only very short messages can be sent easily. The problem currently appears only on iOS and can not be resolved by restarting the app, reinstalling or rebooting the iPhone. Facebook has since confirmed the error and is working on a solution. The cause is still unknown.

Facebook has repeatedly emphasized that there are no plans to merge WhatsApp and Messenger, but in the summer of 2016 it became known that phone numbers and more Information from WhatsApp should be evaluated through Facebook. Data protection officers and courts prohibited the transfer of user data in May last year.

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