DJI prepares a new folding small droning machine: Mavic Air


Chinese DJI DJ announced a launch event for a new product. It will take place on Jan. 23 in New York and will probably focus on presenting a new model for the drone for ordinary users. The first details of this suggest that it is Mavic Air, a smaller version of the company's collapsible drones, launched in 2016, which could come with a number of new features not found on more advanced models

Mavic Air should be a smaller and cheaper alternative to Mavic Pro and could probably replace the Spark drones in the DJI offer. Spark is small in size than Mavic, but it does not have a pliable propeller, which makes it even less portable than the top model. Mavic Air would retain the design of Mavic Pro and could integrate a new camera system. For the first time, the DJI drones could be delivered with a camera with two sensors, not very different from the one on the top smartphones with a wide frame lens and a zoom lens

The announcement of the event does not say anything about what kind of product it is, but the name Mavic Air was mentioned on the DJI website, several pages with this name being listed in error, while company employees published articles in the official forums which name Mavic Air was mentioned. Also, these posts also talk about a new droner in the category of "smaller toys" and DJI Spark, who can make acrobatics in the air

In view of the past few months DJI's decisions, especially regarding the Osmo Mobile 2 video stabilizer, which comes at a very competitive price, we expect the Mavic Air drones to cost significantly less than Mavic Pro, while the functionality could remain similar or even improved with a zoom system for shooting and photos.

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