Free Credit Cards on the Go: No Pay on Vacation


Most credit cards cost money. Often this applies to credit cards offered by your bank in addition to your checking account. That starts with the annual fee, which in some maps even exceeds 100 euros and continues with additional service fees. For cash withdrawals at the machine, for example, quickly 3 or 4 percent of the desired amount is due or a flat rate of 5 or 6 euros per withdrawal. Especially for vacationers, the use abroad is another cost trap. Here, the credit card issuer may charge a foreign currency fee. This is usually again a few percent of the amount converted. But whether you are looking for a credit card that you always use, or whether it is about a special additional card for the holiday, you should not only pay attention to the annual fee, but also keep an eye on the hidden costs and, in the case of travel credit cards, also on the additional services squint.

In many cases it is not worthwhile to go the comfortable way over the own house bank, but to choose a credit card over an independent comparison. How to avoid unnecessary costs.


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