International variants of Huawei P10 and P10 Plus smartphones now have access to Android Oreo beta


Like the Samsung rival, Huawei is not a recognized company for the speed with which it offers software updates. But, as they say, better later than ever. Huawei has posted a Romanian message on the official Facebook page inviting Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Smartphone users to join Android Oreo beta

I can install the new version of Android models that have firmware VTR-L09C432B180, VTR-L29C432B180, VKY-L09C432B181 or VKY-L29C432B181. The other P10 and P10 Plus phones - running for example the VTR-L29C432B171 (purchased through a telecom operator) - will probably get the final update directly

To join the beta program, a user must download the Huawei Beta application. There he logs in with the Huawei ID and then follows the steps: Personal / Join Project / Available projects.

In China, the two smartphone models have already received public versions of Android Oreo, so we expect that in a few weeks they will also be available in Oreo. Europe.

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