LG will replace the G7 with the new version of the V30 flagship


Rumors say LG will not present a new high-end smartphone from G range to MWC, plans for this series being canceled momentarily. Instead of a possible LG G7, there will be a new version of the current LG V30 flagship, which will receive small improvements to bring it closer to the competition products. Unfortunately, this means that LG could be back behind technology after the LG G6 was delivered last year with hardware in 2016.

Since the LG V30 was already equipped with the Snapdragon 835 chipset, the most likely new V30 + α (alpha) will keep this platform along with many of the capabilities. A LG V30 + already exists, so adding the alpha suffix probably suggests some extra stuff. Most likely, we will have to deal with minor improvements such as more RAM or larger internal storage, the phone being already equipped with top hardware for the rest.

The source of rumors about V30 + alpha comes from Korean Herald, which suggests LG will push alongside the new phone and new artificial intelligence-controlled features, integrating the Google Assistant Virtual Assistant as one of the strengths. There is no talk about the external appearance of the device, so we will probably have to deal with the same glass smartphone on both sides with waterproof and OLED curved bumps on the edges

A real replacement for the LG G7 would be presented in April, equipped with 2018 hardware (the Snapdragon 845 chipset) and probably a new design. Despite LG patents for a foldable display phone, it seems it will not be released this year.

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