MirraViz MultiView Screen proposes to watch multiple movies or games simultaneously on the same screen


CES began in the 1960s as a technology fair, televisions being still the most popular products featured in the Las Vegas show. It's no surprise that technologies such as MirraViz, which suggests designing two video sources on a single screen, first appeared in CES 2018, the concept itself being slightly older, but the execution is original this time, based on projectors and a retro-reflective screen

MirraViz introduced CES 2018 at its stand with MultiView Screen technology. It uses two standard DLP projectors and a retro-reflective screen (the same technology used for traffic signs and reflective vests) to display two projections simultaneously in the same space. A few years ago, when 3D TVs were popular, companies like LG and Sony tried to offer something similar, giving users a different gaming perspective on the same screen using the glasses in the pack. The advantage of MirraViz is that it works without glasses.

According to TheVerge, MirraViz says the used projectors are common, with small changes on the optical side, but nothing really expensive. In theory, the MultiView Screen projection screen could be used with any projector, the company offering it separately for those who already have two or more projectors.

The retro-reflective material provides a clear picture only in the direction of the original projection, so if two projectors display two distinct images in different directions, two users will be able to view different images if they are in the correct position. The applicability of this technology is primarily in video games, with two players competing on the same system without seeing the opponent's "screen". Unfortunately, competitive "split-screen" games of this kind have faded in recent years

But MirraViz has an opportunity to sell this type of product to those who have limited space in the house, making it easy to track multiple programs simultaneously for more users in the same space. This way, you can avoid distractions on the remote control or misunderstandings about what series or movie is played on the big TV in the living room. According to MirraViz, the technology also works with more than two projectors, so we can not rule out MultiView Screen systems with larger or more video sources

At the moment, the company offers a $ 2,000 movie watch kit, which includes two projectors and a screen (it costs $ 499 depending on size) and a packet for gamers and an audio system and chairs for $ 3,000.

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