Samsung introduced The Wall, a modular 370 centimeter modular television


Samsung Electronics has introduced, at CES 2018, a modular giant TV with a diagonal screen of 370 centimeters. Probably the company called it "The Wall" because it's so big.

The television uses a technology called MicroLED, which benefits from many of the benefits offered by OLED. Each microscopic LED emits its own light, so there is no need for a backlight panel. Moreover, this technology is capable of reproducing intense blacks and providing a high brightness.

According to the company, The Wall is modular and this allows customers to choose the desired display size. A screen can be built to cover an entire wall or a smaller wall for the living room. The company has not provided much details about this feature.

"Featuring a modular, frameless design, The Wall allows users to customize the size and shape of the TV to suit their needs. The screen can be configured to be used for various purposes, turning any wall into a display hub, "according to a company press release.

Those who saw the TV at CES say the spaces between the modules are hard to watch with the naked eye when the screen is off but not visible when the TV is turned on.

For the moment, The Wall is a concept, but the company plans to introduce it into production.

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