Samsung patences smartphone design with "bangs" and hidden elements under display


The next innovative product from Samsung will not be the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note9, but the Galaxy NoteX, the flip-flop screen, which the company would have introduced to the CES behind closed doors. Of course, this will be a simple model through which the Korean company will test the market, but folding phones will not replace the usual ones too soon. For this reason, Samsung is still registering smartphone patents with "ordinary" screens, but with modernized design, borderless and even hidden items under display

Two patents for Samsung phones have recently been discovered with designs that we have not yet seen on the market. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has boosted the trend of thin-walled phones, but models such as Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, iPhone X and Essential Phone have come to market with designs that further sharpen edges. It seems that a "bang" model is in Samsung's plans, but it could be less pronounced than the Apple model. The design is more like the Essential Phone, with a cut-out for the front camera and the loudspeaker in the center of the screen at the top. The same patent also describes a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display, somewhere at the bottom, where the virtual navigation buttons are now available

The second patent is, however, a more advanced design, made with the thought of technology that currently does not exist in a usable form. It involves integrating all the components on the front under the OLED display. Thus, cameras, ambiant and proximity sensors, the facial detection sensor (perhaps the iris scanner) and the fingerprint sensor would be completely hidden behind the display, with only the screen being visible on the front.

While the first design could be adopted soon, next year is the time for a new design, the second one is registered for the slightly farther future. At present, no company has been able to produce photo sensors that can be hidden behind an OLED panel.

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