Special telephone line through which South Korea communicated in the past day with North Korea


South Korean officials called a North Korean counterpart for two years, twice a day, on their counterparts in North Korea, but without any results. On January 3, 2018, someone finally answered the phone at 3:30 pm

South Korea did not say what had been discussed in the 20 minutes of a telephone conversation. This line was established by the Red Cross in 1971 in the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries.

By February 2016, the representatives of the two states spoke to them on a daily basis, but at one point the North responded.

North Korea announced on state television that it would reopen the line after what Pyongyang leader Kim Jong-un has shown willing to hold a dialogue with South Korea. Moreover, he said he would invite a sports delegation from the South to participate in the winter games in the capital of the communist state.

The special Demilitarized Zone line, called the "Red Cross Channel," has four receivers, one green and one red on each side.

Today, there are 33 telephone lines between the two states on the Korean peninsula. These are required for air traffic control, weather services, economic issues, etc.

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