What a British player who has broadcast live the boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Vladimir Kliciko


A Sky TV client will have to pay 5,000 pounds after using his personal Facebook account for the online broadcast of a boxing match.

Watching the boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Vladimir Kliciko cost 19.95 pounds on the Sky Sports Box Office channel, but the client conveyed the confrontation via Facebook Live

The streaming source was identified as being the account of British Craig Foster, of Scarbourough, at the time the cable company closed its subscription.

The Facebook Boxing News Boxed 4,250 visitors. The client was also contacted by Foot Anstey LLP, a law firm representing Sky. In the case of a lawsuit, he would have had to pay a damning fine of £ 85,000, Mirror writes.

Foster, who agreed to pay £ 5,000 in court costs, claims that one of his friends made the transmission via an iPad that Foster was logged in with his personal account


Moreover, Foot Anstey has asked the accused to disclose the names and addresses of all those who tracked the boxing match illegally, but the man refused the request

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