Yevo X Humanium are metal-made helmets made from illegal seized weapons


The Humanium project deals with the melting of the seized weapons and the resulting metal is used for other purposes.

Yevo Producer introduced at CES 2018 a model made in partnership with the organization. The Yevo X Humanium headpiece metal comes from confiscated and destroyed weapons.

The rest of the new model is identical to Yevo 1 launched last year. The headphones are wireless and have 60 mAh batteries, providing a range of 3-4 hours.

Yevo X Humanium also comes with a case that allows you to charge your headphones a few times.

Moreover, from the dedicated application users can set the headphone sound in detail. The Humanium model costs $ 500. The standard version, Yevo 1, has a price of $ 250.

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