During an interview with the Sunday Times, Chelsea Clinton made it clear her belief that gender is mostly in the mind. Chelsea answered “absolutely” when asked if someone with a bear and penis could be a woman. Her mother, Hillary was not nearly as sure. Dailymail reports it may appear Hillary and Chelsea Clinton always

Per RCP, Elizabeth Warren has a plan for everything, it seems, even for the regulations that govern the incarceration of transgender individuals in federal prison. Ahead of a town hall on LGBTQ issues, the surging Democratic presidential candidate announced plans to abolish solitary confinement, end the policy of assigning prisoners to facilities based on their biological

[ad_1] Clinton thought she could taunt us – but she’s not getting away with it. File this under “Just Plain Weird.” And infuriating!I guess Hillary Clinton has run out of people who like her in America. Because she had to go to Venice, where they celebrated her in an art exhibit. But this isn’t what

[ad_1] The New York Times ran a new hit piece on Brett Kavanaugh yesterday and they should absolutely be ashamed of themselves.Now, it seems they know this was a cheap shot and one they shouldn’t have taken because they buried the “bombshell” deep in the piece and did not even mention it in the headline.

[ad_1] Brett Kavanaugh came out during his confirmation hearings and blamed the smear job on the Clintons.Bill and Hillary are famous for long memories and ruthlessly getting even so it was no surprise Brett would think they were responsible. Brett worked for Ken Starr during Bill’s impeachment, and many thought the personal attacks on Brett

[ad_1] China is getting a major reminder that despite its advances in missile technology, the United States still holds a major edge over the communist nation.CNN reports that the USS Gabrielle Giffords left port in San Diego earlier this month with a very special armament. The littoral combat ship is carrying the advanced Naval Strike

[ad_1] Much has been made about Trump’s relationships with other world leaders with the media always looking for a negative angle.Trump and the Saudi’s got along well and rather than assume it was a mutually beneficial relationship as our two countries need each other, the media framed it as Trump personally benefitting at the expense of