12% of minors in Romania are addicted

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Approximately 12% of minors are dependent on the Internet and one-third of parents are concerned about the time spent by children in the online environment, according to a study by Kasperky Lab

According to parents, 12% of minors are addicted to the Internet, and besides fearing that they may see inappropriate or explicit content (36%) and that they can communicate with unknown people (32%), fears that children can not distance themselves the online world is also rapidly becoming a very important one for parents

"Considering that half (51%) of parents feel that online threats to their children are growing, time spent on the Internet is an important factor for child safety. These concerns cause 33% of parents to impose restrictions on their time in the virtual environment, "the study shows.

However, the report shows that limiting online time does not necessarily prevent children from being threatened, and over a year, 44% of children have faced at least one online threat, with 12% accessing inappropriate content or entering in contact with malware and viruses (10%)

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"An alternative option for parents might be to support their children in other ways, through education. Over a third (37%) of parents regularly speak to their children to teach them about online dangers, and 31% attempt to supervise them when they are online, possibly creating opportunities to highlight any threat that might arise and supplement the effort education, "the report says.

"Education and communication play a decisive role in the process through which parents can ensure that young people use the Internet responsibly and safely. But it is also important to use programs to strengthen the defense. Time limitation online is an essential part of the process, but it does not work on its own. Technology can help reduce risks by allowing children to safely explore all the positive aspects of the Internet and develop their digital skills without worrying about cyber threats, "said Dmitry Aleshin, VP for Product Marketing, Kaspersky Lab.

Specialists mention that Kaspersky Safe KIds is designed to help parents effectively protect children from online hazards, and through this solution they can either choose to block children from accessing certain apps and sites, or help them to be aware of the dangers, warning that the sites or apps they are about to access are risky and may have dangerous content

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