13 billion euros: Apple begins tax refund

It's almost bizarre at first glance, because actually Ireland still does not want the tax billions from Apple, even though it certainly can use the money well. For the small country, with Apple has its EU headquarters, the taxes paid by the US group were already quite sufficient, at least the Minister of Finance. At second glance, it becomes clear why you no longer want to raise taxes. For Ireland, companies like Apple, Facebook and Google are an important economic factor and employer.

However, EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager disapproved of this tax policy. For them, the tax burden of Apple was far too low, and thus a case of inadmissible state aid from Ireland. The European Commission subsequently fined Apple about 19 months ago to pay additional taxes for the years 2003-2014. Since then it is argued about.

Apple now but first paid but 13 billion euros (plus interest) in taxes, but only on a trust account. Because Ireland still does not agree with the verdict and goes with Apple appeals against the European Commission. By the fall the appeals will begin, the billions of Apple will be temporarily stored on this escrow account. So it's not yet clear if Ireland has to accept the money in the fall or if Apple even gets it back.

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