15-20% of iPhone phone buyers are "deserters" in the Android camp

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Apple proudly portrays Android migrant migration statistics on the iOS platform, and we must admit that the latest published data give good reason for optimism to the US company

Even if iPhone sales are no longer growing like in good times, Apple is far from being deadlocked, and even managed to erode from the Android ecosystem. But these results would not have been possible without brand repositioning, and Apple has for some time been a luxury brand.

According to data provided by the company, the iPhone SE is less expensive to get sales twice as good as the regular iPhone range and far beyond the iPhone X. The former Android users are first attracted to lower-end iPhone products, being convinced by prices similar to those in the Android Camp. In fact, it would not make sense for an average Android phone user to choose the most expensive iPhone model possible, this decision appearing later as users become aware of the benefits of a top-of-the-line range equipped with the most new technologies Apple

However, those who choose to buy a high-end model directly are attracted to the large-screen iPhone series, with almost 40% of buyers opting for the iPhone Plus model, most likely similar to an Android flagship

Unfortunately, the study of a sample of 2000 Apple customers in the United States may not be fully representative of European buyers due to the differences in culture and income available for the purchase of smart phones

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