157 new Emojis for iPhone & iPad featured in the video

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The Unicode Consortium has announced that it will be able to look forward to 157 new emojis this year. Of the 157 emojis 77 are completely new, while the rest are numerous variants. Apple should then submit this again in a software update in the fall of this year.

After the Unicode Consortium has approved this year’s Emojis, there are The Emoji website Emojipedia has put it online in a recent blog entry, which shows most of the 157 new emojis in a variety of variations, once again adopting the style of Apple emojis. It can therefore be assumed that many of the emojis shown in a similar format will be released later this year for the iPhone, iPad and Mac be lighted. If Apple follows the usual rhythm, the launch is expected to be done together with iOS 12.1 or 12.2 in October or November.

Unicode 11.0 will then include some new hairdressers as well as types. In addition to male and female emojis with red hair, curly hair, gray hair or completely hairless, there will also be superheroes and heroines in many different variations. In addition, some new animals such as kangaroo, llama, badger, raccoon, swan, peacock, parrot and others will be introduced in Unicode 11.0. To meet the daily needs, there will also be new food options (mango, cupcake, bagels, etc.) and a variety of new items (skateboard, teddy bear, chess piece, toilet paper, soap, etc.).

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