1Password now detects fake passwords

Again and again, records appear on the internet that illegally procure usernames d passwords of various services. These data come from data leaks from various vendors and services, such as Dropbox, Adobe, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Only in the middle of last year, such a database with over 560 million login details was discovered. Any hacker who has access to this database can use the information contained therein for criminal purposes. Anyone listed in this database should therefore urgently change their credentials. Especially if only one username and password has been assigned for all services. But how can you find out if your own data is contained in such a database?

Here Australian security researcher Troy Hunt offers a solution. He has been collecting all network-accessible password databases for some time and adding them to the "Have I Been Pwned" service. The website of the service allows all users to verify their passwords securely and confidentially. If they are part of a leak, the website will be part of it immediately.

The password manager 1Password now integrates the service of Hunt in its web interface, as the developer Agilebits in a blog entry tells. There you will also find all the information about setting up the service. Already when creating new passwords users should be able to recognize directly whether the password is already contained in leaked databases. Those who do not use the password manager can, of course, continue to check their passwords independently via the Troy Hunt website.

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Developer: AgileBits Inc.


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