2018 iPhones all with Face ID: rumors from supplier circles

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2018 iPhones all with Face ID. The rumors are not new, but will be taken up again. Apple’s suppliers are now reiterated that all Apple smartphones would be equipped with face recognition this year. Apple has also cleared out at the companies providing components for the TrueDepth camera and the Face ID module.

Rumors reaffirmed

First, Ming-Chi Kuo claimed in October 2017 that Apple would “probably” outfit its new smartphones with Face ID this year, both for the OLED models and for the LCD version ( n).

Now ETNews (Korea Herald in Translation) reports that the rumors surrounding the Face ID equipment of Appliance supplier equipment are confirmed

Apple changes supplier of Face ID components

Most recently, Apple is said to have placed LG Innotek and Sharp as suppliers to its Face ID module. But for the new devices, Apple no longer resorts to the services Sharps. Instead, one should have selected two previously less well-known Chinese manufacturers. LG Innotek is said to contribute the lion’s share of the modules to Apple’s smartphone.

Announcement by LG Innotek

It goes without saying that LG Innotek itself announced an investment of $ 800 million in January , The money goes into the production of camera modules for mobile devices and the research of new technologies for corresponding modules. Apple itself has supported the process by making an upfront payment for modules to deliver.

No Touch ID anymore?

There were rumors before the release of the iPhone X that Apple also tried intended to integrate a fingerprint scanner below the display. Maybe that was actually the case in prototypes. There is no official confirmation.

The company was not convinced by the technology and then made a virtue out of necessity and decided to completely remove Touch ID from its repertoire in the medium term. Even in the iPad, the new face recognition is a topic.

Face ID is well received by users of the iPhone X

Among users, Face ID has been recorded ambiguously in advance. There are some restrictions on Face ID at the moment. For example, only one person can contribute a face to decrypt. However, Apple emphasized that although several fingers could be registered for Touch ID, the idea never came from multiple users.

However, Apple has a problem with the authorization of family purchases via face recognition with the next iOS release. Update in view. In addition, users of the iPhone X are for the most part satisfied with the technology.

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