360 degree photography for everyone: hardwrk introduces the PanoClip

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With the iPhone, Apple is building a device that never before a simple phone was. Other functions have always played a major role and since some models, the built-in camera convinced more and more. The classic digicam can now safely stay at home, the iPhone is well equipped for any kind of snapshot. But even the smartphone from Apple can not do that. Anyone who wants to shoot a true 360-degree photo with that hits the limits of technology.

Plug in and get started

Up to now, an expensive and sometimes complicated extra camera had to be used for this purpose to be bought. However, since today hardwrk offers an easy as well as ingenious solution to the problem: The PanoClip. The name is here program, it is simply attached to the iPhone 7/8 or iPhone X. The double lenses extend the image of the front and rear camera to 180 degrees and the free PanoClip app then combines these two images together a 360-degree photo. And the Panoclip gets by completely without technology, battery or moving parts.

In the app, various filters can be connected put the pictures and insert free stickers on request. And of course, the finished panoramic images can then be shared in the social networks or via a link to the outside world. Also included in the app are the 360 ​​degree shots of the PanoClip community.

Currently the PanoClip costs 49.90 euros instead of 59.90 euros as an introductory offer and can be obtained from the hardwrk page.

           Product Note

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