4K HDR TVs with Android TV for PC gamers


NVIDIA announced at CES the concept of "Big Format Gaming Displays", which wants to put real smart 4K TVs on gamers' desks to replace classical monitors. Naturally, NVIDIA does not call them televisions, as the term television generally describes a device designed to consume video, but given the technical specifications of these new "big monitors," they can compete without problems in this space.

Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGD) is the NVIDIA initiative, but the company will not sell such devices directly. The graphics card maker will call on partners such as ASUS, Acer and HP to produce products that reach consumers, each of which is aligned with the list of requirements to qualify for BFGD.

Each of the monitors will offer a large diagonal (the first one will measure 65 "diagonally), a 120 Hz refresh rate with G-SYNC, full-array backlight, 1,000 cd / m2 brightness and compatibility with the DCI-P3 color standard . Considering the last two features, BFGD monitors will also benefit from support for HDR technology, which is beginning to become very popular, especially among gamers. Last but not least, monitors must offer a very low latency and include the hardware needed to run Android TV. NVIDIA claims that the hardware of the new monitors will be comparable to that of a Shield TV device (based on the Tegra X1 chipset), and each one will be delivered with a smart "smart" remote control for multimedia features and a gamepad NVIDIA Shield

While these "monitors" do not seem to be anything more than high-end TVs, the BFGD program offers something extra for gamers to the classic offer. It's about the functionality of G-SYNC, which will surely enjoy those who use the TV along with a PC. Of course, the big diagonal, the Android TV functionality and the fact that we're going to have to deal with 4K performance boards does not quite match with the NVIDIA presentation suggestion that shows one of these TVs on a desk next to a keyboard and a mouse

Prices have not yet been announced and only one BFGD model has been officially unveiled, ASUS's ROG Swift PG65. The launch of this product line is going to take place in the summer, when we will probably find out and how much such a device costs. Certainly prices will be aligned with those of the market considering capabilities so we can expect a minimum of $ 1500-2000

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