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With the iPhone 7, Apple introduced its first smartphone model without analogue headphone jack in 2016. What initially caused a stir, ultimately dominated the trend towards wireless headphones only. This is confirmed not least by market analyzes: sales of Bluetooth headphones rose by more than 40 percent in 2017 - and Apple is also benefiting from this: in the market for the completely wireless True-Wireless handset, the iPhone manufacturer holds a whopping 85 percent with its AirPods

Of course, this is calling other manufacturers on the scene - but not always headphones without tape and bracket are always a good recommendation for sports enthusiasts. If you are fond of climbing the climbing wall, your headphones should be as secure as possible. In the jungle of the fitness center, however, the holder is secondary. Nevertheless: If the drivers are sitting badly in the ear, the music is soon no fun anymore due to the lack of bass.

Speaking of sound: Headphones with active noise suppression are becoming increasingly popular: The so-called noise-canceling fades outside sounds slightly or completely. In the studio this may mute the chatterbox from the slave unit, but when jogging or even cycling in traffic, it increases the risk of accidents.

Another important criterion: A sports headphone should be waterproof, after all, you sweat during physical activity. So, when you buy, ask what protection class to protect against dust and water ingress - IP67 guarantees splash protection and withstands submersion at depths of up to 1 meter. If you are a swimmer or a triathlete, that might not be enough: Here it may be the IP-ID 68, which ensures a permanent submersion of up to 1 meter or more.


Take half an hour to select the right earmold for your in-ear headphone - otherwise the sound pressure will soon suffer and the music will sound flat and unsatisfactory.

PK K'asq Sport

From the beautiful Paris, the PK K'asq becomes a true AirPods competitor: the optimized sports model of the True Wireless In-Ears convinces its tight fit, which may also be sufficient for quick movements, and its excellent fit. The flows into a spatially clearly defined sound. The only downside is the construction-related getting used to operation.

           Product Note

PkParis K ASQ Sports Inner Ear Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Dark Gray

Plantronics Back Beat Fit

Attaching headsets with earhooks is always a bit fiddly - but once they sit, they also do the most movement-intensive training. The driver of the Plantronics driver has two fitting pieces that sit lightly in the earpiece and also do not completely block external noise - joggers and cyclists should take this well-sounding sports headphones in their shortlist.

           Product Note

Plantronics BackBeat FIT - Wireless Sports Headset - Black Core

Bragi The Dash Pro

All-in-one: headphones, activity tracker, heart rate monitor and MP3 player all in one. Bragi manages this balancing act and dispenses entirely with cables. Once shot in the ear canal, "The Dash" provides you with music while swimming, running or cycling and records the activity - even without a smartphone connected. Innovative gesture control by head movement included.

           Product Note

Bragi The Dash Pro, wireless headphones with Amazon Alexa, black, B1002-01

Denon AH-C160W

Sonically, you're ahead with the AH-C160 Wireless: two 11.5-millimeter drivers deliver driving lows and detailed highs. In addition, perhaps the best voice quality in the test by a microphone with noise cancellation. The earhooks initially seem a bit powerful, but provide space for easily accessible controls. But the short-lived battery is quite short-winded.

           Product Note

Denon AH-C160W Wireless In-Ear Sports Headphones (Bluetooth, Active Noise Canceling, 11.5mm Driver Size) Black

Skullcandy Method Wireless Sport

Skullcandy puts on a solid neckband, which accommodates at its tail the pleasingly large controls and the microphone. The cables of the earplugs disappear in their desired length in the temple and meander when settling not annoying around the neck. Sonically, the Bluetooth headset convinces with a rich, full sound.

           Product Note

Skullcandy Method Wireless Sport Earphones with Micro, Blue

JBL Under Armor Sports Wireless Heart Rate

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