A city banned residents from using the phone as they cross the street

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A California city banned local residents from using the phone while crossing the street. The Montclair administration has published a note on the official website that reminds citizens of the new rules that came into force at the beginning of the year.

Residents are not allowed to cross the street either with headphones in or on both ears.

Edward Starr, city manager, said he was inspired by a similar ruling that was introduced last year in Honolulu.

For now, those who break the ruling receive only a warning, but as of August this year, fines will be imposed. At first offense, the fine will be $ 100, and the second, within a 12-month period, $ 200.

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Other cities use technology to protect pedestrians distracted by technology. In London, a clever pedestrian crossing was mounted at the end of last year. It features cameras, a huge LED panel, sensors and a computer. Smart Crossing was tested in Mitcham, south London.

The technology enables crossing to monitor vehicles and pedestrians in real time. Depending on these data, bookmarks are changed.

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