A clip with a police dog who knows how to do cardio-respiratory massage has amazed the internet

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Poncho is the name of a police dog in Madrid who apparently knows how to apply resuscitation techniques. The clip below was published on the Madrid Police account, where the dog demonstrates his "partner" skills.

He knows how to jump on a man's chest for a cardio-respiratory massage and then blow his mouth for breath. Even if what we see in the clip seems to be just a routine for an exercise demonstration, many dogs are used in police and fire brigade operations, and even if a dog could not possibly be able to do a true cardio-respiratory massage , it could draw the attention of physicians to some victims trapped under rubble.

The video became viral immediately after posting, scrambling over 2.3 million views on the official Twitter account and perhaps many other millions on other social networks, where it was most likely that more pages were touched around the video content.

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