A company announced intimate underwear for women who vibrate when they score goals

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The 2018 World Cup has begun and companies are trying to take advantage of the sporting event. Vicky Form, an intimate linen brand for women in Mexico, has announced a pair of panties that vibrate every time a CM 2018 scores a goal. Let's say from the start that we are not sure whether or not the product is real. It could be a viral marketing campaign, like the "drona-dildo" in 2016.

The product has its own web site, called Siente el Juego ("Feel the game") and costs the equivalent of $ 48. According to Vicky Form, every year 4 million couples break up because of football. The company also wants women to "feel" the fun of football.

It is possible that if it does, the product will be withdrawn before it reaches the market. People reacted negatively to the company's ad on online social networking sites. "How sexist it is! What a bad idea, "commented a YouTube user. Someone else feels that advertising such a product is "degrading and pathetic".

Returning to the 2018 World Cup, it will most likely be won by Spain, according to simulations in which artificial intelligence was used

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