a concept of smartphone with two "bretones"

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There are many voices that condemn the use of "bangs" in the design of a smartphone as it eliminates the symmetry of the device. Well, ZTE proposes a concept that has not one but two cuts in the display, one up and one down. The phone is called "Iceberg" and not only offers a strange design of the display but also of the exterior construction, it is decorated with transparent glass corners.

The new ZTE Iceberg was unveiled by WinFuture with unofficial images, the phone still being in the theoretical prototype stage. Most likely, it does not exist in a physical form, and the launch of such a device in 2018 is unlikely.

ZTE seems to have chosen this design to offer both an edge-to-edge display and two stereo speakers on the front, incorporating cut-outs along with the front camera and the usual front sensors. On the rear, the Iceberg model features a camera with two sensors, a fingerprint sensor and a magnetic connector that could be used like the Moto Z series MotoMods.

But transparent glass corners are very strange. This construction suggests that we do not have a metal frame, as we have been accustomed to in the last few years. Thus, a device made exclusively of glass could be extremely fragile. This is also the element that suggests that at the moment we are talking about a simple design concept that is likely to change significantly before the phone comes to the market

Obviously, we do not have information about ZTE Iceberg's hardware configuration, but surely the Chinese company would integrate all the top components into a device so different from what we can find on the market

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