Steph and Paul Unwin have recently married, and at the wedding, like any couple, hired a photographer named David Kilcourse, found on Facebook

Now, the two spouses sued Kilcourse, because he instead of photographing them, he focused on two bridesmaids of honor, whom he immortalized in sexy moments throughout the wedding.

The Unwin family asked Kilcourse for the image CD, which did not come. The photographer had to edit the pictures and make two photo albums. When they eventually received the photo album, they were needed. Moreover, the bride appeared in 70 pictures, and the groom in only 11. Instead, two bridesmaids were present in almost 100 pictures, often in provocative situations where the photographer surprised them without knowing them .

The parents of the two ladies did not appear in any photograph. The photographer blamed in bad weather for the disastrous outcome of his work at the wedding.

The judge ordered Kilcourse to pay the two spouses $ 850

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