A driver controlled, for the first time, a real-life car through virtual reality


At the GTC conference organized by Nvidia, the company made an impressive demonstration. A car near the event was controlled by a driver through virtual reality. "He is not with us. He looks at the virtual form of this world through a live video stream, "said Jensen Huang, chief executive of Nvidia, referring to the pilot.

The driver used a HTC Vive headset and stood on stage in a kind of pedal and steering wheel cockpit. With Nvidia's Holodeck software, the man managed to drive the car (the same Lexus model as the Black Panther) by parking at a low speed then park it

There were no passengers in the car

The company has not provided further details about the availability of technology or the back platforms. "We do not know how to call it. How should we call it? "Huang asked the audience.

Nvidia is investing heavily in automotive technology. Such concepts help the company to show what it can do in this area.

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