A follower of Flat Earth theory has had a hard landing after fleeing with a rocket he built it alone at home


A follower of the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory was launched from the spherical surface of the planet into a rocket that the man built home, transmit Discover

Mike Hughes, also known by his nickname "Mad" Mike, thinks the Earth is flat, and his plan presented in November 2017 was to launch at a height of 548 meters to prove his hypothesis. According to LiveScience, in a video shot on Saturday, Hughes is featured as he enters the top of the rocket.

The recent launch took place after two failed attempts, one canceled after the government agency Bureau of Land Management banned its public sector launches and another on February 3, when the rocket did not take off.

But this time, Hughes, aged 61, created a ramp to launch from the vertical. On Saturday, the rocket was launched from Albert Okura's private land and reached a height of 572 meters. The Hughes missile cone fell back to Earth at a speed of 560km / h. Although he did his parachute, it was not enough to slow him down.

After the noisy landing, besides a back pain, the man claims he feels good. Its ultimate goal is to build what he calls Rochoon, a rocket that can be launched from a balloon. In the end, the rocket would separate from the balloon and take Hughes to an altitude of 110 kilometers, from where it would be able to make a picture of the Earth "flat."

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