A Ghana teacher teaches computer students, although he does not have a computer. The story drew the attention of Microsoft

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A professor in Ghana who teaches computer science students, although he does not have a computer, has become famous in the online environment.

Kumasi's teacher used the board to draw a fairly accurate scheme of the Microsoft Word editing program, writes Thought . "It's really fun to teach IT & C in Ghana," said the Facebook teacher, in the face of viral photos.

After photos have been distributed thousands of times, Microsoft has promised to provide full IT equipment to the teacher. "I love my pupils and I have to understand what I teach," said Owura Kwadwo, the alleged pseudonym of Professor Richard Appiah Akoto.

Akoto's school has no computers since 2011, despite the fact that students take exams in information technology as part of high school entry. Many Internet users have shown solidarity with the dedicated teacher.

"This is not the first time I draw this program. I do this every time I need it, "Akoto confessed. "I like to publish photos on Facebook to see the world. I did not think it would have such an impact, "the teacher said.

On Sunday, entrepreneur Rebecca Enonchong asked Microsoft Africa to provide the IT teacher with the IT equipment needed for good tuition. "I'm sure you can help him," he suggested. On Tuesday, Microsoft said he would send Akoto a computer and give him access to educational materials.

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