A gynecologist asks for $ 1 million in damages from a woman who has left negative reviews on her internet

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A woman who left several negative reviews – on sites like Yelp, Facebook or ZocDoc – at a gynecology office in New York, was sued by the doctor she belongs to. Dr. Joon Song from New York Robotic Gynecology & Women's Health claims $ 1 million worth of defamation damage. Michelle Levine, the woman sued, says her life has become a scam and that she has already spent $ 20,000 to defend herself in court.

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It all started in July 2017, when Levine found the cabinet on the internet and scheduled for a routine check. A week later, the women's health insurance company received a $ 1,300 bill from Song's office. This included a $ 427 ultrasound check, which Michelle claims he did not. Cabinet officials said she was introduced because the woman complained of pelvic pain. Levine claimed, however, that he was scheduled only for a routine check. After this confrontation, the woman wrote the negative reviews on the internet.

Now, Levine launched a fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe crowdsourcing platform. She needs money to continue the process. So far, he has raised just $ 1,000 from the proposed $ 80,000.

If the woman loses the process, it establishes a dangerous precedent for processes caused by critical reviews of products and services published on the internet.

This case reminds us of a somewhat similar one that happened in April last year. A man who bought an intelligent garage door opener left more negative reviews on the product on Amazon and the manufacturer's forum. Instead of giving the customer technical support, Garadget manufacturer remotely deactivated the system.

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