A hacker was caught trying to sell stolen documents from computers in a US military base


We get used to hackers who break computer systems of the government and the US military, but in reality these things happen very rarely, or they are stopped before anyone can access sensitive information. However, it appears that this time a hacker described as having "moderate skills" managed to penetrate into a military base system, where he downloaded a manual for US combat drones and various other wartime tactics of the US Army. He was caught barely after selling some of the documents.

It seems that the hacker, who was caught in the meantime, but his identity was not revealed, managed to access the internal network of the military base using a vulnerability known since 2016 of a router produced by Netgear. Thus, he could connect using this breach directly to the unit's captain's computer, where he could download the files that included the MQ-9 Reaper manual, which Americans have been using for a long time on missions and more manuals training, survival and tactics of the tanchers platform

The actions of this hacker question the security systems of the United States military bases. Recorded Future, the security organization that documented this event says that unauthorized access should have been detected more quickly, allowing it to access military base systems for more than a week. Also, the fact that this is not a very competent hacker raises another problem: how serious could the actions of an organized group be?

The hacker was caught barely after attempting to sell the drone manual for a sum of $ 150 to $ 200 on the dark web, the dark side of the internet, where most cybercriminals sell their products or services. In the past, drug traffickers, assassins and even amateurs of child pornography were captured here

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