a keyboard for the discreet gamer

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Although I am a video game enthusiast, I have never made a passion for hardware-acclaimed accessories as dedicated to gaming. I have always preferred the appearance of the seriousness, functionality and ergonomics of a product to the detriment of exotic design and RPG illumination, both of which are so-called "gaming" peripherals.

So, I found myself in a somewhat deadlock when I had to replace a Logitech G413 keyboard "fallen on duty". In any case, I did not want to make the transition to "Christmas RGB garlands" included by manufacturers on top gaming models. I wanted to keep the metal base on the Logitech keyboard but also to switch from the Romer-G mechanical switches to the classic Cherry MX Blue models, whose feedback I particularly appreciate during the long writing sessions.

Design and construction

The impas that ended with the arrival of the HyperX Alloy FPS in the editorial. Design, though minimalist, is a more scary idea than the formerly owned Logitech G413, using the classic "black accented red" color scheme, which is characteristic of almost all gaming products. Specifically, key illumination is limited to red, without RGB LEDs, but sufficient to serve the main purpose of identifying buttons in poor light conditions. Being a gamer model, however, you can opt for several types of presets when it comes to key illumination, which can be changed using just a combination of buttons on the keyboard itself, without the need for additional drivers (a more than glamorous aspect for those who want to keep their system as clean as possible)

And because it's all about buttons, by far the most important aspect of a keyboard, they are based on the Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches, a personal choice based on several considerations. First of all, I am a declared fan of the touch and sound feedback of these switches, which I consider to be significantly more successful than what I have on the Logitech G413 (using "tactile" Romer-G mechanical switches) ). I also believe that MX Blue offers an appropriate user experience in games where accuracy is important, as well as in the writing of texts, the main action for which they use the PC. Those looking for a better response time strictly for games where speed is important, maybe they should turn to other types of switches, such as Cherry MX Red, the HyperX Alloy FPS model being available with such features.

Another important aspect for the Romer-G Cherry switches used by the competition is the solidity of the key construction itself, which is why we abandoned the old Logitech model because of the fragility of the clamping system of these buttons, based on extreme plastic legs of fragile. This is not the case with the HyperX Alloy FPS keys, which have also resisted some more … less Orthodox treatments. The impression of solidity is also given by the metallic base on which the keys are placed, which, besides the durability provided, has the gift of reducing the sweat of the hands after a long session to use the keyboard.

Connectivity and accessories

Despite its solid construction and weight above average, the HyperX Alloy FPS has been designed to be portable, including a textile pouch where you can store your keyboard if you want to carry it. Although we can not say that this enhancement is of out-of-the-box quality, its inclusion in the package is an obvious addition to this keyboard. Also in the accessory chapter we have a series of keys (W, A, S, D and 1, 2, 3, 4) with a special design, easier to spot both tactile (their shape is different) and visual (which are red, unlike the black color used by the rest of the buttons). Thus, manufacturers leave the user if he wants to mount these "gaming" keys or keep the ones originally delivered.

The connection to the PC is via a cable with two classic USB connectors to be connected to the computer and a mini-USB jack that connects to the keyboard. The two USB connectors to the PC are needed because the HyperX Alloy FPS in turn offers a USB output that can be used to charge mobile phones or other accessories such as wireless headphones. Here is a minus sign of the above mentioned Logitech G413, whose USB keyboard output could also be used to connect external hard drives or USB sticks

Instead, with the Logitech model, the HyperX Alloy FPS keypad cable, protected by a textile texture, can be easily unplugged, making it easy to transport. Moreover, even if the mini-USB is an obsolete connection port, this approach has the advantage of allowing any USB-mini-USB cable to connect HyperX Alloy FPS to the PC. Of course, the USB jack dedicated to charging other devices will not work in this connection mode, but all basic keyboard functions will be usable, allowing it to be used even in cases where the original cable is damaged or is lost


HyperX Alloy FPS turns out to be an exciting option for those who want the performance of a gaming keyboard, keeping the "serious" aspect of a general-purpose peripheral. However, the solid construction, the enclosed textile pouch and the detachable cable seem to be insufficient to justify the price of a bit peppery this keypad

HyperX Alloy FPS is sold in stores in Romania at prices between 400 and 600 lei

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