a laptop with 128 GB of RAM

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Modern laptops have come up with smartphones when it comes to RAM. Next 8GB of RAM are enough for many cases of mobile use, and many laptop models can be configured with up to 16GB. Well, Lenovo has just announced a mobile workstation called the ThinkPad P52, which can be configured with up to 128 GB of RAM, the laptop being dedicated to professionals who want to work on virtual reality projects

The ThinkPad P52 looks like a fairly regular productivity laptop with a gray, normal size notebook. It can be configured with the most powerful Intel Xeon (hexacore) mobile processors with a 15 "screen and 4K resolution, up to 6TB of storage space and 128GB of RAM. The Graphics Chip is a Quadro P3200 from NVIDIA, a professional solution that will make it easy to work in complex 3D applications

Being a top-of-the-line productivity laptop, it does not lack any ports. We have two Thunderbolt 3 on Type-C format, an HDMI 2.0, a mini DisplayPort, three USB Type-A, a headphone jack and an Ethernet port. It is important to note that Thunderbolt ports can support 8K screens, if needed

Of course, this laptop is not dedicated to ordinary users, but rather a tool for the professional environment. However, we are dealing with one of the first laptops in the market that offer so much performance in an ordinary body without talking about a gaming computer without RGB lights or other colorful brizbrees. The Lenovo P52 will be available at the end of June, but the price has not yet been revealed.

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