A large retail chain could develop robot bees for pollination

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One of the largest retail chains in the world, Walmart, has filed a patent application for robot bees, called "pollinating drones." These devices could carry pollen from plant to plant in the future using sensors, cameras and localization services.

Walmart has not yet provided more details about this project. The disappearance of bees is a major problem for agriculture, and companies and governments are looking for solutions. These insects pollinate almost a third of the world's food.

This is not the first attempt to create a robot bee. Researchers from Harvard University presented the first RoboBees models in 2013. These small drones have been refined but still can not be controlled remotely. Those described in the Walmart patent would have this ability, as well as the ability to detect pollen.

Drunks are also used to solve deforestation. A US company called DroneSeed has developed drones capable of rewinding large areas, but also scattering substances to eliminate the diseases that affect the trees.

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