A major festival dedicated to technology and the Internet begins next week in Bucharest. Here, in short, what happens every day by iCEE.fest

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ICEE.fest 2018 Nearly 200 international experts and speakers from the Internet, digital and technology sector coming to Bucharest next week, Thursday and Friday, June 14 and 15.

This year there will be no less 9 content lines and 7 scenes (1 Main, 4 Focus, 2 VIPs), a huge amount of know-how concentrated in just two days long, so the organizers have prepared a "survival guide" designed to help participants decide what suits them best.

It also launched the iCEE.fest application that allows participants to organize their time as efficiently as possible

If you do not have time to analyze the above links in detail, here's how the festival's program looks, in short:

Day 1: Thursday, June 14

The main stage, UPGRADE is dedicated to global giants and technologies that change rules in business and communication

FOCUS 1 focuses on fintech and blockchain with a dedicated Facebook section at the end of the day

FOCUS 2 FOCUS 4 addresses the e-health area (Stage 4 also has a special section dedicated to the travel industry) and and public communication

The evening of the first day hosts concerts with Arme, Suie Paparude, The Monojacks and the show of comedy standup by British actor and comedian Jeff Leach which will ensure good mood throughout the day.

Day 2: Friday, June 15

 main, UPGRADE is dedicated to inspiring and independent speakers in the early part of the day

Here is a dedicated section Netflix and video content, and the afternoon is about spectacular creative campaigns, VR / AR, mixed reality and other new communication technologies

FOCUS 1 is about digital content, news, journalism but also about adtech and methods of monetizing quality content in a market dominated by Google and Facebook

FOCUS 2 is the scene of specialists in retail and eCommerce and FOCUS 4 is the starting point for startups with successful entrepreneurs and investment funds

– It will be held in Bucharest next week on June 14 and 15. Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival –

Students and students can get free access via iCEE.fest scholarships

available, AGENDA complete and speakers ] you can find them on official site .

Online sales will soon stop, so if you're interested, it's good to decide today if you want to participate.

The festival is organized in partnership with Orange and has among the supporters BCR, Glo, Nissan, Kaufland, mPlatform, VTex, ENEL, Medlife, Freewheel / Comcast, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Coca-Cola and other partners

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