A man who invited more youngsters to his yacht was arrested after filming them in secret

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A 49-year-old man from North Carolina was arrested after having secretly recorded in the bath several more youngsters he had invited on his yacht during a weekend. William Hilliard Jr. used an iPad tablet for filming.

The device was discovered by one of the women who later handed it over to the Myrtle Beach police

Lawyers found on the tablet three minor records, three clips of 18-year-olds, one with a 19-year-old and another with a 20-year-old woman. All these filming have been made in the boathouse. On the tablet, the cops also found other similar, older clips. These include some with the bone of the man's children.

The man, who is part of a high-tech foam family, has come to the police himself and is accused of voyeurism and privacy.

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