A man will spend 20 years after bars after trying to take over a domain name with a firearm

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Last year, over 300,000 looting occurred in the United States. These include some out of the ordinary. For example, a man tried to acquire a domain name using a firearm. The attacker will spend 20 years after bars.

Sherman Hopkins Jr. (43) from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, attempted to take control of the DoItForState.com site with a handgun. He broke into the house of the domain name owner and threatened to shoot him if he did not transfer his rights to him.

DoItForState.com was a site that students at Iowa State University told anonymously campus events or uploaded pictures and videos. The content was varied and included uncensored sex scenes, high alcohol consumption, vandalism, etc. It's about the kind of things parents expect their offspring do not do in college.

Hopkins entered Ethan Deyo's 26-year-old home, the owner of DoItForState.com, on June 21, 2017. The site had been closed a month before, but the attacker did not know that. While Deyo was trying to transfer his rights (or pretended to do so), Hopkins hit him several times and even electrocuted him with a taser. At one point a fight began between the two. Hopkins shot the young man in his leg, Deyo managed to take over the gun. Finally, he shot Hopkins several times in his chest and called the police.

Hopkins survived, and recently found his punishment. He had been convicted in the past for a false testimony and had no right to possess a firearm.

It is unclear why Hopkins wanted to become the owner of DoItForState.com. He may have wanted him as a blackmailing tool to get money from students who publish compromising things there. Another theory is that Hopkins wanted to take over the site for a client of his own.

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