A Nigerian model refused a Mercedes received from a married man


Favour Philip, a Nigerian model, refused a Mercedes received a gift from an admirer who is a married man. The young woman said she had her own business and did not need such gifts.

"I would not hurt another woman, because someday I will be in the position of a married woman. I would be angry to know that my husband is cheating on me and buying a car for the one with whom he has an affair, "Philip said.

Favour added that she did not have a relationship with the man who would have done anything to make him his mistress

"I bought my first car in the business I founded when I was a student. Every woman has a huge potential; it must not be based on any man, "she said.

In the clip below, you can see examples of very expensive gifts that men have offered over time to the women they admire or to their mistresses:

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