A student was detained by the police after passing Snapchat a nude image with herself


Two students from a Louisiana school were detained by the police for the distribution of child pornography. According to the Slidell Police Department, a student sent pictures of her to a colleague with Snapchat, and he sent them to "many other students" after screening.

The incident came to the ears of school officials who alerted the police. The law people detained the two children, the girl who sent her colleagues the pictures. Minors were later released, in the presence of their parents.

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"Children do not know this, but sending nude pictures to you is a crime," said Randy Fandal, head of the Slidell Police. "We ask parents to pay attention to what their children do on social networks. Check their smartphones and see what apps they have installed on them, "he added.

The ages and names of the two students were not made public, but children attend kindergarten up to the sixth grade

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