A woman claims that someone took a picture of herself while she was sleeping alone in the locked house


A woman tells a social networking story a bizarre incident through which she has gone decent. Debra Demetriou discovered on her smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S7, a picture of her sleeping. So far, nothing strange … Just the woman claims no one in the house, and the doors locked overnight. The picture could not be made by Debra at a time of sleepwalking, because it's done somewhere at her feet.

Demitriou, who lives in Benton, Newcastle, remembers nothing of that night, though he looks half-closed in the picture on the phone and his pilot trapped under his chin, as if aware of the fact that someone is in room. She added that she put the phone under her pillow before falling asleep and that it took him out of the morning.

Demetriou thinks he was involved in a paranormal incident. "There was no one with me at home. I am very scared, "the woman said.

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