A woman found out she had cancer after she attended a TV show she was watching and a doctor


Participating in a TV show in North Carolina may have saved a woman's life. Nicole McGuinness found out she had thyroid cancer after a New York City eagle doctor sensed a swelling on her throat while she was watching TV. The doctor saw the show a few months after it was filmed.

The doctor managed to get in touch with the woman via Facebook. He posted on the social network a video clip from Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation, in which the suspicious swelling from the woman's neck appeared. The post was viralized and was eventually seen by a woman's acquaintance. McGuiness does not have Facebook account

After several checks and analyzes it turned out that Dr. Erich Voigt, who is a professor at a university, was right. Now, Nicole is following the treatment prescribed by a team of doctors known by Voigt.

McGuinness and Voigt were invited by another television on Good Morning America to tell the story.

Interestingly, the woman has been diagnosed with brain cancer, which seems to have healed.

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