A young woman was beaten by an online grocery store owner after complaining that an order placed via the Taobao platform (owned by Alibaba) was not delivered on time. The shocking thing is that the owner of the online China store traveled 850 kilometers to Henan Province to take revenge on the unhappy customer. She would have filed a complaint with Taobao, and the patron was probably afraid that his shop could be taken out of the giant's marketplace.

The aggressive woman, Xiao Die, had made an order worth about 40 euros. After the parcel was not delivered to the courier three days after the order ended on December 23, the young man contacted Taobao's customer service. Shortly thereafter, Zhang called the woman and assaulted her verbally. Moreover, he harassed her through several text messages. "I can destroy you," he would have said.

Eventually the man found where the woman lives and traveled up there, with the woman's parcel to him, then called her to a delivery point. Luckily, surveillance cameras caught the moment when Zhang attacked Xiao. Police detained the aggressor on January 6, and his shop was removed from Taobao's marketplace.

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