According to Nikkei, Apple has halved the "iPhone X" production

According to Nikkei, Apple has halved the "iPhone X" production

Last year was bekan nt that Apple has an exclusive agreement with Samsung. According to this, the South Koreans should be the only supplier of OLED display for the iPhone X. In order to handle the high volume of orders, Samsung had to drastically increase production. A recent report revealed that Apple is now ordering significantly fewer units, cutting production by about half. The lines for the OLED production are therefore far away from the desired utilization. According to Nikkei Samsung should have hoped that the iPhone X and other manufacturers switch to OLED displays, but the effect was now off. One possible reason for this is the increased price for OLED panels.

At the same time, the situation for Samsung is hampered by Chinese manufacturers, which are expanding their production capacities faster and faster while pushing down prices. With the drop in Apple orders, it will be even harder for South Korean buyers to find the OLED panels.

Already last month - also by Nikkei - the rumor came up that Apple is steadily reducing the "iPhone X" production and halved in this quarter. This should be the result of the last quarter, which remained below expectations, especially in the Christmas sales.


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