According to testers Apple Maps very conservative on the arrival times

Artur Grabowski is Senior Manager at Adobe and asked last year which navigation software would predict the most accurate arrival time. He found that Apple's map app in direct comparison to Google Maps promises an approximately eight percent later arrival. However, when it comes to real time of arrival, in most cases it is around one percent below the actual estimate.

According to Grabowski, Apple calculates its estimated times a little more generously, so that users arrive at the calculated time or even earlier. According to him, the estimate is intentionally very conservative in order to ensure a good customer experience.

In conclusion, Grabowski summarizes the following: If you want to arrive as fast as possible, you should use Google Maps. On the other hand, if you want to get a correct estimate from the navigation app to arrive on time at your destination, then you should trust Apple's map app.

However, this is not a scientific test, but based on the data collection of a user who is primarily in San Francisco on the road. Furthermore, it should be noted that companies are constantly changing their route calculation algorithms, which can affect the estimated times. Driving style also plays a significant role in comparison to real time of arrival, but such a direct comparison of apps is always interesting.


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