Accounting on the Mac under test: Software for Beginners and Pros at a Glance

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Applications for accounting are a necessary Evil in business if you want to survive the critical eyes of the tax office. Let’s introduce you to six solutions for the Mac or the cloud that will help you master this exam.

Whether you’re a freelancer, tradesman, or company, the tax office does the bookkeeping business life not necessarily easy. From year to year, legislators come up with new and stricter rules to plug any loopholes and get closer to the goal of better taxability. An essential point here is the manipulation security of all tax-relevant data.

In order to comply with the requirements of the “Principles for the orderly management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and data access” (GoBD), all Documents must be recorded promptly, that is, on a daily basis. The responsibility for the proper management of electronic accounting is incumbent on the taxpayer. This even applies if the accounting work is partially or completely outsourced to a third party, such as a tax consultant.

Beware Contracts

Before deciding on bookkeeping, you should take a demo. With software purchases, you often have a lifetime commitment to receive periodic updates for regulatory adjustments in order to continue using the program to the fullest.

Attention, Examiner!

Do not be surprised if soon a tax inspector arrives at the door. Because on 01.01.2018 paragraph 146b tax code came into force, which provides for a tightened cash audit. From the point of view of the tax office, the cash in the cash register represents the most auditable point, because there all bar transactions come together and a possibility of manipulation is never excluded. No one can ignore the daily record sales. The tax office can thus use a cash check to see if the cash register is being kept daily.

For the Demanding User

Mackonto : Already since 1988, the software house msuBerlin has been passionately dedicated to the Mac and especially the bookkeeping sector , A total of four different program variants are available. We decided with Mackonto for the revenue overrun bill with travel expenses. For msuFinanz, there is an alternative variant with balance sheet and profit and loss account available for companies requiring financial reporting.

An outstanding feature is the support of the user by avatars during the posting process in order to assign posting documents to the correct account. After entering a search term, the avatar will find the appropriate booking account. This also works when booking travel expenses, entertainment or gifts and observing the special formalities. Mackonto has interfaces to DATEV, to Elster as well as bank accounts via the integrated online banking functionality. The latter enables the collection of account statements and the processing of payment transactions. The user receives support through extensive manuals, online help, webinars and on-site training.

Rating to Mackonto

Manufacturer: msuBerlin
Price: 119.90 Euro
Version: 2017-19
System: from OS X 10.10.5
Pro: Demand-oriented Program versions, integrated online banking module, help with avatars
Contra: Operation not always self-explanatory
Service (30%): 1.7
Service (40%): 1.9
Documentation (30%) ): 1,7
Grade: 1,8
Conclusion: Good accounting for the revenue surplus calculation with integrated online banking module.

Monkey Office “/>

Monkey Office (Picture: Screenshot)

Monkey Office : Monkey Office combines order management and financial accounting under one roof and is equally suitable for freelancers, self-employed or companies from all industries. The complete version tested by us consists of the free basic version with basic functions such as a cash book or an open-item list as well as the fee-based modules for accounting and financial accounting. Although the program lacks an integrated online banking module, it can import account sales from external dedicated programs such as Bank X, Macgiro, or Starmoney.

One outstanding feature of Monkey Office is its great user interface, which allows for quick learning and rarely requires a look in the user manual. The vertical navigation bar divides and structures all essential program functions. As a user, you will also receive support through the online documentation as well as a forum, a wiki and a FAQ section. The manufacturer also offers installation and set-up services as well as paid online training.

Rating to Monkey Office 2018 Complete

Manufacturer: Prosaldo
Price: 320.11 Euro
Version: 15.0.0
System: from OS X 10.9
Pro: simple and intuitive to use, structured user interface, outstanding performance
Contra: no integrated online banking module
Operation (30%): 1.3
Power (40%): 1.5
Documentation (30%) : 1,6
Grade: 1.5
Conclusion: Powerful and easy-to-use accounting system with excellent user interface.

For the small purse

Mac-Habu Silver : Habu’s bookkeeping has been on the market since 1992 and is being continuously developed for Mac, Windows and Linux. In particular, the software house MC Richter takes into account the requirements of freelancers, the self-employed, small businesses and associations.

The range of functions of the program is manifold. So Mac-Habu offers in addition to the revenue surplus calculation and the accounting and the keeping of a logbook, the travel expense and billing functions. The current version makes it possible to link scanned invoices to a booking. A new invoice is checked for similarity to already linked invoices. The evaluations were supplemented by a profit and loss statement, which is based on the business analysis of DATEV. The developer supports the user with an extensive manual, an online forum and fee-based training packages.

The only points of criticism: The program makes use of the online banking of an external program, in addition the user interface and menu bars appear partially overloaded.

Rating to Mac-Habu Silver

Manufacturer: MC Richter
Price: 80 Euro
Version: 18.0.1
System: OS X 10.9.5 or higher
Pro: Database cross-platform interchangeable, good performance, accounting possible
Contra: no integrated online banking module, user interface and menu bars partially overloaded
Service (30%): 3.0
Power (40%): 1.8
Documentation (30%): 1.7
Grade: 2.1
Conclusion: Successful accounting with cross-platform application possibilities, but partly overloaded user control.

WISO eür + Kasse “/>

WISO eür + Kasse (Picture: Screenshot)

WISO eür + Kasse : The revenue surplus bill is suitable for freelancers, self-employed and small traders. The program has order processing, several cash books, asset management and a logbook. The latter is necessary if you also use your private car as a company car. The program can read account sales and prepare for postings, but do not handle payment transactions. Among other things, the new 2018 version now supports the preparation of the tax forms for 2017 and 2018, in particular the issue of the official EÜR facility, the submission of the 2017 VAT return and the VAT advance notice 2018. Cash bookings are now backed up on a daily basis. The user interface leaves a good impression. You can access the program functions using both horizontal and vertical navigation bars. The program also displays context-sensitive help texts in the right third of the work window. Support is provided by the comprehensive manual, the online FAQ and the community. Another positive feature is the subscription, which provides you with more cost-effective annual updates.

Rating to WISO eür + Kasse: Mac 2018

Manufacturer: Buhl Data
Price: 69.95 Euro
Version: 8.02
System: from OS X 10.9
Pro: good revenue surplus calculation, integrated Online banking module for account sales, low-cost updates with the subscription
Contra: no DATEV interface, online banking module does not support payments
Service (30%): 2.0
Service (40%): 2, 2
Documentary (30%): 1,8
Grade: 2,0
Conclusion: Slim revenue surplus calculation with abovariane for low-cost annual updates.

Bookkeeping in the Cloud

Collmex : Collmex is an extensive commercial web application consisting of various modules for accounting, merchandise management, project and club management, and e-commerce support. In the field of accounting, the “Basic” variant with balance sheet, profit and loss account, revenue surplus calculation and cost center administration offers the most varied scope of services. In this variant, an online banking module is available, which not only allows the import of account sales, but also handles the payment transactions. There are also interfaces to external applications.

The surface is kept objective and does not win a beauty award. In the top bar, Collmex displays the main modules, which each list a variety of function modules. Mobile apps are not available, and the UI has not been optimized for viewing on mobile devices. The training is anything but intuitive and takes time. But Collmex tries to help the user: For example, the booking dialog contains templates that allow users to quickly access recurring bookings.

Rating to Collmex

Manufacturer: Collmex
Price: 10,65 Euro per month
Version: Basic
System: any web browser
Pro: large scope of services, online banking Module enables processing of payment transactions, preparation of balance sheet and income statement
Cons: time-consuming training, no mobile apps, not optimized for mobile devices
Service (30%): 2.4
Service (40%): 1 , 5
Documentation (30%): 2.7
Note: 2.1
Conclusion: Powerful cloud accounting with a sober user interface that requires some training.

Paperwork “/>

Paperwork (Picture: Screenshot)

Papierkram : Papierkram sees itself as a simple bookkeeping for the self-employed, freelancers and small businesses that work primarily time- and project-oriented. The application is offered in four different price and performance variants, whereby the “Pro +” variant combines the most useful functions with the generation of the revenue surplus calculation. In addition to an advanced VAT advance notification, this variant also offers a DATEV export. Furthermore, with the integrated online banking module you can compare the account turnover with the bookings in paperwork.

The user interface looks very pleasant and casual due to the bright colors. The language style is unusually easy for an accountant, because the user is constantly geduzt – which is certainly not for everyone. However, the potential target group is clearly limited, because the developer would like to classify paperwork as an application that is done on the side. An app for the iPhone or iPad does not exist, but the use of mobile devices is easily possible. The training is quick and you can get help with the online manual or the hotline.

Rating to Paperwork

Manufacturer: Odacer Finanzsoftware GmbH
Price: 11,90 Euro monthly
Version: Pro +
System: any web browser
Pro: easy to use, pleasant User interface, tailored to accounting novices
Cons: manageable range of functions, creation of balance sheet and P & L not possible, no mobile apps
Service (30%): 1.6
Service (40%): 2.8
Documentation (30%): 2.3
Note: 2.3
Conclusion: Easy-to-use cloud accounting. Good user interface, manageable range of functions.


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