ADATA Announces XPG SPECTRIX D41 Memories with RGB LEDs and High Frequencies


The PC component market has been a little overwhelmed in recent years, with top performance even with some years old components. Thus, the biggest upgrades that gamers can make are visuals, and component manufacturers have begun to launch more and more components with RGB lights. ADATA comes with the DDR4 XPG SPECTRIX D41 series, which promises both top performance and appealing light show.

At the performance level, the SPECTRIX D41 provides frequencies between 2,600 and 4,600 Mhz. Thus, most platforms such as X299 from Intel, Ryden from AMD, and the Intel "consumer" platform can benefit from high frequencies using this model. Intel's XMP 2.0 overclocking profile (Extreme Memory Profile) can be configured even from Windows, through a dedicated application

The construction of these memories is made on a 10-layer PCB that provides greater stability, while cooling is provided by a proprietary, proprietary radiator, and high quality chips, specifically selected for use in this model to guarantee maximum reliability . Additionally, ADATA has so much confidence in XPG SPECTRIX D41 that it provides lifetime warranty

Finally, RGB lights are fully exposed and fully configurable. They are compatible with both the motherboard control systems of all manufacturers that offer this functionality, but they can also be controlled by the ADATA RGB Sync application. In theory, they can be synchronized with all the other lights in the computer.

ADATA announced with the SPECTRIX D41 that it is working on a new version, which will be released in the third quarter of 2018, which will provide speeds of up to 5,000 MHz. The front model is available in two color variants: Crimson Red and Titanium Gray

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