AdBlocker for Mac in Speed ​​Test

AdBlocker for Mac in Speed ​​Test

Ka-block Plus is in tests of the G The software achieves a page load time of only 1.93 seconds when visiting the website The Verge. Ublock Origin comes in for a respectable 2.55 seconds. But the data collector AdBlock Plus of the Cologne Eyeo GmbH displays the website only after 7.74 seconds. Amusing is at this point that the display of the website would have taken only 4.3 seconds without ad blocking. AdBlock Plus almost doubles the access time.

Ka-block was again in front with 2.93 seconds when visiting UBlock Origin comes second with 3.24 seconds. Again, AdBlock Plus lands in last place with 5.42 seconds. In this case, even this software is faster than calling the web page without AdBlocker.

Why is Ka-block so much faster?

An explanation of why Ka-block is so much faster in Safari is, as other blockers, provides the tester itself. The software relies on the content blocking mechanisms of Safari. These extensions also have no permission to transfer the page content to third parties. This is the case, for example, with software such as AdBlock Plus. In this way, the provider knows which websites you visit and can strengthen his negotiating position with advertising partners.

You will receive the winner Ka-Block free of charge for both iPhone and iPad in the App Store as well as in the Mac App Store.

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